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Chinese Cooking Recipes- An Art Of Serving Love With Food


Chinese Cooking Recipes are often hand picked from a variety of sources to suit the western culture and requirements. The Chinese recipes are simple, healthy and delicious. Today, Chinese cuisines have steadily moved out from the restaurants into home kitchens. The best thing about Chinese cooking is that the mouth watering, simple and straight forward recipes are cooked in less time. Only Chinese cooking recipes have helped to preserve colors, nutrients and texture of the ingredients. The recipes show the best technique to cook the food to maximize nourishment, flavor, aroma and appeal.

Chinese Cooking Recipes are often cooked with water or oil. The real fact of these exotic and fancy Chinese cooking dishes is that, they require much more than just oil and water. The recipes have become very popular in every restaurant as many food lovers in America are developing a special liking for Chinese food. Cooking a recipe is not just about adding salt or spices and preparing a dish. It is a way to make impressive meals that are quite healthy and nutritional as well. It is about mixing the right ingredients along with the food items, to suit the taste of people from the west.

Chinese cooking is famous for its different types of cooking techniques. Among the techniques, stir-frying is the most popular and very common technique. Other Chinese cooking techniques include steaming, stewing, deep-frying, braising and many more. In stir-frying, two things are very important, the oil temperature and the cooking speed of the recipe. The food is always in a motion. In steaming technique, food is cooked by the steam activity. The meat dishes are usually prepared by a steaming technique. After stir-frying, steaming is widely used for the preparation of Chinese cooking recipes. The delicious ingredients can be made interesting with the correct seasoning.

One of the techniques in Chinese cooking recipes is stewing, in which vegetables or meats are prepared by simmering in liquid. The ingredients are usually diced as compared to braising technique which food is cooked with moist heat in a covered pot with a variable liquid. Flavor differs in different recipes. Some of the most popular braising Chinese cooking recipes include braised tilapia and beef bourguignon, Swiss steak, pot roast, chicken cacciatore, goulash and many more. Deep-frying technique is said to be a dry cooking method in order to make more crispy and delicious meals. Chinese cooking recipes and Chinese cuisine also have different styles based on geographic regions. Some styles include as Peking cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Shanghai style and the most popular one spicy Szechwan cooking. Thus Chinese cooking recipes serves a wide mass in USA and other regions of the world with most diverse culinary cuisines.

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